Virasure Koi - Fish Vet Group

Fish vet group (FVG) is a veterinary practice that specialises in fish health. Founded in 1995, FVG now has an extensive team of fish veterinarians, fish health professionals and support staff in the UK, Norway, Thailand and US, all dedicated to improve your fish's health. FVG offer a comprehensive range of solutions, services and products to main dealers, aquarists and goldfish owners. In addition to this FVG also conduct research and development into new, cutting edge medication to offer the best treatments for your fish.

Examples of clinical services FVG offer:

Inquires can be made either by email or phone:
+44(0)1463 717774

Virasure Koi - Fish Vet Group Photo: X-ray of Fancy goldfish with a swimbladder problem.
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FVG Ltd (Fish Vet Group)
22 Carsegate Rd
Inverness, IV3 8EX
Scotland, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 1463 717774
FVG Inc (Fish Vet Group)
350 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine
04101, USA

Phone: +1 207 699 5901